Advanced video retrieval technology in action: 40 years of Pinkpop

pinkpop40steeditieEarly December, the website was launched; an experimental video search engine offering an innovative way to browse through performances of the Pinkpop festival. Pinkpop, celebrating its 40th birthday this year, is the oldest annual festival in the world. The “Hollands Glorie op Pinkpop” website uses state-of-the-art multimedia retrieval technology, allowing visitors to access performances and interviews based on automatically detected visual concepts and audio transcripts. The website shows how multimedia retrieval technology can be used to easily navigate through collections of video.
“Hollands Glorie op Pinkpop” received financial support from the national research programme MultimediaN, technology foundation STW, and Images for the Future.

Technology developed by Dutch Universities

The technology behind the platform has been built over the past years by Dutch Universities, notably within the scope of the MultimediaN research programme. One of the main components is the MediaMill semantic video search engine. The search engine translates pixels to text; enabling the automatically detection and labeling of visual concepts in images, for instance ‘guitarist’ and ‘drummer’. The MediaMill system, developed by the University of Amsterdam, is considered to be amongst the best performing video search engines worldwide. The Pinkpop project is the first publicly accessible platform that demonstrates the use of this technology.The search engine has been trained to detect the visual concepts using manually labeled examples. Thousands of features, related to the form, color and texture of images are processed in order to automatically create a link between a given segment and the concepts in the semantic video search engine. As a result, users can quickly browse to various concepts in a concert video using a custom-built video player that displays concepts on a timeline. Besides searching through concert recordings, users can also search through interviews with the performers using the result of the automatic speech recognition process. Visitors are challenged to actively provide feedback on the automatically generated results. With this input, the automatic recognition process will be improved further.

Press coverage

The launch of The Hollands Glorie op Pinkpop website has received a lot of attention by the media. For instance, it was featured in the television programme Editie NL.

Hollands Glorie op Pinkpop - Home_1259676704443Credits

The website has been developed with financial support from the national research programme MultimediaN, technology foundation STW and Images for the Future. It will be available online until February 2010. Partners in the project include University of Amsterdam (video retrieval), speech recognition (University of Twente), Video Dock (video player), Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision (project coordination), CWI (database) and the broadcasters NPS, VARA, VPRO, KRO. A complete list of contributors is available on the project website.

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