Interesting links

Below you’ll see some interesting reading material which could be useful one way or the other for our project Images for the Future (and of course other digitization projects). Click here for previous links. Some of the entries are in Dutch.

1. Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller,’ ‘Muppets’ movie debut chosen for US Film Registry
2. Is Wikipedia Loves Art getting “better”?
3. KB scant alle Nederlandse publicaties
4. Projectplan Digitalisering Nederlandse Filmsector in de maak
5. BBC and British Library to take joint approach to building digital archive
6. Bits of Freedom: stop het downloadverbod
7. Musea maken ‘Tentoonstelling gemist’
8. Europeana Tops 5 Million Items
9. Plasterk lanceert Wikiwijs voor docenten
10. Business Model Innovatie in het cultureel erfgoed

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