Interesting links

Below you’ll see some interesting reading material which could be useful one way or the other for our project Images for the Future (and of course other digitization projects). Click here for previous links. Some of the entries are in Dutch.

1. Eindrapport Numeric Study over omvang en kosten digitaal erfgoed in Europa
2. British Library Timelines: Sources from History
3. National Archives Joins the Flickr Commons
4. Europese Hof buigt zich over copyrightconflict Belgacom en Sabam
5. What Project Canvas could mean for the future of media usage
6. Context is King: How Videos Are Found And Consumed Online
7. What we’ll pay for on the Web
8. Vara: producenten zetten internet fout in
9. Bijna 150 miljoen extra voor digitaliseren rijksarchieven
10. Gratis content is niet meer vanzelfsprekend – Verwachtingen voor 2010
11. New Europeana Projects: JUDAICA Europeana and EUscreen

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