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Advanced video retrieval technology in action: 40 years of Pinkpop

Saturday, December 12th, 2009

pinkpop40steeditieEarly December, the website was launched; an experimental video search engine offering an innovative way to browse through performances of the Pinkpop festival. Pinkpop, celebrating its 40th birthday this year, is the oldest annual festival in the world. The “Hollands Glorie op Pinkpop” website uses state-of-the-art multimedia retrieval technology, allowing visitors to access performances and interviews based on automatically detected visual concepts and audio transcripts. The website shows how multimedia retrieval technology can be used to easily navigate through collections of video.
“Hollands Glorie op Pinkpop” received financial support from the national research programme MultimediaN, technology foundation STW, and Images for the Future.

Technology developed by Dutch Universities

The technology behind the platform has been built over the past years by Dutch Universities, notably within the scope of the MultimediaN research programme. One of the main components is the MediaMill semantic video search engine. The search engine translates pixels to text; enabling the automatically detection and labeling of visual concepts in images, for instance ‘guitarist’ and ‘drummer’. The MediaMill system, developed by the University of Amsterdam, is considered to be amongst the best performing video search engines worldwide. The Pinkpop project is the first publicly accessible platform that demonstrates the use of this technology. (more…)


Interesting links

Thursday, December 10th, 2009

Below you’ll see some interesting reading material which could be useful one way or the other for our project Images for the Future (and of course other digitization projects). Click here for previous links. Some of the entries are in Dutch.

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Video Fingerprinting – State of the Art report

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

Video-fingerprinting systems detect whether a particular segment of video is (partly) based on the same original video as video footage in a database of reference videos. Typical applications  the media domain include detection of copyright infringement, counting broadcasts of advertisements, detection of changes in advertisements and new applications  are in development. One of these new applications is linking archive footage to finished television productions. For instance to show the link between a documentary and all the clips in the archive it consists of. This will allow users to browse through collections of video in a novel way, as currently the metadata is not supplying users with such detailed metadata.

Sound and Vision is involved in a project (vdFP) that will examine the possibilities of Video Fingerprinting for the abovementioned applications. The vdFP project is managed by TNO and JOANNEUM RESEARCH. Two industrial partners (ZiuZ and HS-ART Digital) and Sound and Vision complete the consortium. Recently, the project has released a State of the Art report. That can be downloaded here. (more…)