This blog is the discussion forum of the project Images for the Future. We would like to have an open, critical discussion on a broad range of topics that are relevant to the digitization of audio-visual heritage. If you have anything that you would like to share with us please send us a note.

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The Images for the Future team


On July 1st 2007, the largest digitization and preservation project the Netherlands has ever seen was officially kicked off. The project has a running time of seven years. Images of the Future is a project from EYE, Sound and Vision, National Archives and Knowledgeland.

The Images for the Future project aims to realize the following end products:

  • Preservation, digitization and provision of access to 137.200 hours of video, 22.510 hours of film, 123.900 hours of audio, and 2.9 million photos.
  • Provision of substantive access (i.e.: contextualization) to the material, especially for educational purposes, but also for the creative industries and the general public.
  • Provision of access to a core collection of digital film and audio, either devoid of intellectual property rights, or licensed under Creative Commons. Educational purposes will be given primacy.
  • A distributional infrastructure that provides the broadest possible access to the material that has been opened up.
  • New services related to the Dutch audiovisual collections for the educational sector, heritage institutions, the creative industries, and society in general.

With this large body of digital content, public as well as private parties will be able to develop activities. The electronic infrastructure and the digitized audiovisual content will be disclosed to further develop public and commercial services. The most important goal is maximum availability of the audiovisual material to everyone.