Interesting links

Below you’ll see some interesting reading material which could be useful one way or the other for our project Images for the Future (and of course other digitization projects). Click here for previous links. Some of the entries are in Dutch.

1. Europeana Connect launch
2. UK National Portrait Gallery vs. Wikimedia vs. the Public Domain
3. Tijdelijke website Filmotech online
4. Onderzoeksproject Business Model Innovatie Cultureel Erfgoed
5. Europese samenwerking voor behoud erfgoed
6. Nieuw businessmodel voor Barend & Van Dorp?
7. UNESCO: Anne Frank, Royal Archives Thailand and Madagascar
8. National Gallery offers high definition digitization of entire collection
9. World Day for Audiovisual Heritage: 27 October
10. EU calls for consumer-friendly approach to file sharing
11. European institutions come together to ease mass digitisation
12. Scriptie ‘Eigentijdse toegankelijkheid’

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