Internet adoption in EU highest in Netherlands

Today comScore released the results of a study into the online habits of European internet audiences. The Netherlands are running in front! We have the highest internet adoption.

The European region recorded its largest ever Internet audience in September with a 5-percent year over year growth, reaching 226.7 million unique visitors age 15 or older.

Internet adoption was highest in the Netherlands, where 82 percent of the country’s population age 15 or older was online in September. After the Netherlands, adoption rates were highest in the Nordic region, where the Internet was accessed by 73 percent of the total population of Sweden, 72 percent of Denmark and Norway, and 66 percent of the Finnish population.On average, internet users in Sweden viewed more pages than any other European country – 3,844 pages per visitor. The country also spent the second longest average period of time on the internet in September at 30.1 hours per visitor. In the Netherlands people viewed 3,051 pages per visitor and spend 26,3 hours on the internet in September.

That’s an average of 1,9 page per minute for the Netherlands. So, when we develop new online services, we have to keep in mind people go fast!

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